Important Sprite Creation Information.


Being as a sprite is simply an image they can be created with several different image editing software.

Aseprite and Gimp are two common image editors that can help your spriting process. Aseprite is specifically designed for sprites while Gimp is a free open-source editor akin to photoshop. Both work fine for the processes that are required to make a sprite so pick which ever one fits your needs best.

Spriting Things:

When making sprites for an EtG mod there are some general rules that should be followed in order to get a good outcome.

The first and most important thing to note when making sprites for gungeon is that the game itself generates a black border around all sprites with an auto-detection script. This means that if you have pure black near the edges of your sprite your border can look strange and bumpy.

Secondly, Gungeon sprites are smaller than you may think. A good rule of thumb is to keep sprites below a 30px X 30px square. Often editing a base game sprite for practice is a good way to get a feel for how pixel art works and getting to know how shapes can be made on such a small scale. The Gungeon's sprites can be found here or in the pinned messages in the gungeon discord server.

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