Useful Tools


A decompiler for .NET, letting you view source code for Gungeon and other mods:

Using dnSpy

Open Enter the Gungeon\EtG_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll by dragging into the pane on the left:

Class appear on the left organized by namespace. Search by clicking the Magnifying glass int he tool bar (or Ctrl + Shift + K). In the search pane you can search for specific kind of items (e.g. Class, Method, etc) using the "Search For" filter:

To navigate to a definition click the name of the method or field in the code window

To find where something is used in the code, right click and select "Analyze":

The Analyzer pane will show various options such as Used By, Referenced By, Read By etc. depending on the kind of thing (Class, Method, Field):

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