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Useful Tools


A decompiler for .NET, letting you view source code for Gungeon and other mods:

Using dnSpy

Open Enter the Gungeon\EtG_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll by dragging into the pane on the left:
browsing in dnspy
Class appear on the left organized by namespace. Search by clicking the Magnifying glass int he tool bar (or Ctrl + Shift + K). In the search pane you can search for specific kind of items (e.g. Class, Method, etc) using the "Search For" filter:
To navigate to a definition click the name of the method or field in the code window
To find where something is used in the code, right click and select "Analyze":
Use the Analyze option to find where things are referenced
The Analyzer pane will show various options such as Used By, Referenced By, Read By etc. depending on the kind of thing (Class, Method, Field):