We now need to make our floors rooms, make sure to download RAT with custom enemy support, available here:

each floor should have over a hundred rooms, around 150 is best. Once we have done that we need to add our rooms into our mod. Create a new file in your resources folder for rooms.

For this example, I will just be using expands rooms, so of course, don't copy this code exactly. Once all the rooms are in ModRooms we will need to go back to ModRoomPrefabs.

we now need to put the name of all of our rooms in here. do not include the path, just the room.

Now we need to scroll down to here:

we are going to uncomment these lines to give us the entrance and exit of our floor.

Mod_Entrance_Room = RoomFactory.BuildFromResource("Mod/Resources/ModRooms/"); // these to need to be set up just like how you would get an item sprite
Mod_Exit_Room = RoomFactory.BuildFromResource("Mod/Resources/ModRooms/");
Mod_Entrance_Room.category = PrototypeDungeonRoom.RoomCategory.ENTRANCE;

make sure to add line 3

now come down here:

and appropriately change the path for your mod


change this one too.

uncomment this

change the vector2 accordingly.

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