Modding EtG: Installation

Modding the Gungeon (BepInEx)

Recommended mod loader

Navigate to your EtG.exe directory, you can find this in steam by right-clicking EtG and going to properties, local files, then browse local files.

For epic games you click the three little dots below enter the gungeon, then click manage, and press the folder icon next to "Installation"

Once you are in the folder go to the BepInEx Github and download the latest release for your platform.

If you've done everything correctly, when you now run the game inside the BepInEx/ folder there should now be a folder called plugins/. This is where your mods will go

Installing Mods

Download Mods Here: All mods should be downloaded from thunderstore.

Once you have downloaded any mods you want go to your Enter the Gungeon Directory and unzip the mods into the BepInEx/plugins/ folder.

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