Creating Shaders

Shaders are ways that we can cause the sprites of objects to render in different ways. Some examples you are most likely familliar with are the Jammed shader which is what is used to change the appearance of Jammed enemies, the Rainbow shader which is how Rainbow Chests have their animated texture, and the Paradox shader, which is what the Paradox character uses.


Firstly, if you don't have it already, install Shaderforge for Unity 2017.4.40, as it makes creating shaders actually bearable and this tutorial relies on it.

Making the shader

Open Unity after installing Shaderforge and navigate to the tabs at the top and select Window > Shader Forge

You will be met with a screen like this:

Click "New Shader", then select "Sprite" (Note: this doesn't lock any features of ShaderForge, rather it is just a template for Sprites)

You'll be met with a screen that looks like this:

While this may seem complex, there are only a few basic things that are required by the Shader to function with Gungeon's sprites:

Some Examples

This shader causes enemies to pulse an orange color over time.

This one creates a cool-looking orb effect.

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