Gun Ammo Types

if you want to set the type of ammo clip your gun uses to something different than the usual default.

you can do it by setting your guns default module's ammo type to something else, like so

 gun.DefaultModule.ammoType = GameUIAmmoType.AmmoType.FISH;

for this beautiful result

however the GameUIAmmoType.AmmoType enum is limit to only these 13 basic types: SMALL_BULLET , MEDIUM_BULLET , BEAM , GRENADE , SHOTGUN , SMALL_BLASTER , MEDIUM_BLASTER , NAIL , MUSKETBALL , ARROW , MAGIC , BLUE_SHOTGUN , SKULL , FISH.

however as you may have noticed, the game has many more types of ammo clips, and so in order to get something like pitchfork's fire clip you need to do this;

gun.DefaultModule.ammoType = GameUIAmmoType.AmmoType.CUSTOM;
gun.DefaultModule.customAmmoType = "burning hand";

to get this result.

a full list of all the different ammo types is in the "various lists of ids, sounds, etc" section.

it is also worth noting that if you're making a gun with a "final projectile" (like hammer or gunslingers gun) these lines also exist



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