Setting Up Gun Sprite Folders

A simple explanation of how to format gun sprite folders.

If you want to add custom sprites to your guns, and your projectiles, you'll first need to set up the sprite folders inside of your mod's main folder. Unlike item sprites, gun and projectile sprites are not embedded in the mod .dll file.

To clarify, the mod's folder is the one that is placed inside of the EtG mods folder in order to load it. It contains the compiled code, not the decompiled code of the 'project' folder.

Here is an example of what a mod's folder looks like. It contains the dll, the metadata, and so on. This example also contains a folder called 'sprites'. If your folder does not contain a folder called 'sprites', you should create one.

This is what the inside of the Sprites folder should look like;

These three folders hold all your gun and projectile sprites. If you do not see these folders inside of your sprites folder, you should create them. Naming is very important, and the folders should always have exactly the same names as you see in the example.

  • Ammonomicon Encounter Icon Collection - This folder contains the sprites that appear in the Ammonomicon for the gun.

  • ProjectileCollection - This folder contains the sprites for any and all custom projectiles.

  • WeaponCollection - This folder contains the sprites and .json files for all guns and gun animations.

If all three folders are set up correctly, then you are ready to place sprites inside of them as you make your custom guns.

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