Using Custom Sounds

Installing Wwise

Custom sounds can pose a significant challenge at first, but become progressively easier with practice.

  1. Download the Wwise launcher from the link below. This will require making an Audiokinetic account.

2. Inside of the Wwise launcher, install Wwise version 2017.2.10. This is the necessary version, as it is the only one compatible with Enter the Gungeon.

Preparing Your Mod

You will need to prepare your mod to be able to see and load 'sound banks', bundled collections of audio files created by Wwise.

  1. Add this static variable to your main module class, outside of any method.

public static <your modules class> instance;

2. Add the following code in the Start() method of your main module to set the variables you just created.

instance = this;

now we can move on to the code part

now you want to drop these classes into your project.

make sure to replace namespaces and class names appropriately.

When you create a soundbank in wwise it will have a name, so to load it you will want to do this in your module:

do this version if you want to load from a folder:

AudioResourceLoader.loadFromFolder("mod name");

and do this if you want to load it from your dll as an embedded resource: AudioResourceLoader.loadFromAssembly("<bank name>.bnk", "mod name");

Using Wwise

first things first make sure you have wwise v. 2017.2.10. open up wwise and select new

Name it whatever you want

you should now see something like this

at Default Work Unit right-click and select > Import Audio Files

Make sure import mode and import as is the same as this

now just drag in any sound files you have into that window, (must be a .wav file), then select import

now if you expand Default Work unit you should see your sound files.

Now, we want to make our audio affected by the in-game audio settings, so first, you want to select Game Sync in the top left.

name it VOL_SFX

then do it another time but name it VOL_MUS

and then do it one more time but name it VOL_UI

now you select your audio file back in the Audio tab, and this should show up

select RTPC at the top

then, at the bottom select the little 3 arrows

and press voice volume at the bottom

then, select the second arrows

select VOL_SFX if you want it to get affected by sound volume,

select VOL_MUS if you want it to get affected by music volume,

or select VOL_UI if you want it to get affected by ui volume.

do this for any audio files you have.

now back in the audio tab we right-click our sound and select New Event > Play

In the bottom Left event viewer, you should now see Play_YourFileName

do this for all of your audio files.

now at the top, we need to go to Layouts and select SoundBank

you should now see this

Press New

And name it whatever you want

click ok.

if you expand Default Work Unit you should see your Soundbank.

now select your soundbank and look at the SoundBank editor at the bottom.

now drag in all the event from your event viewer into the soundbank editor, they should show up

now check these buttons in the soundbank manager

enable your soundbank

now select generate and drag your soundbank into your mod folder

it should now work.

if you don't know where it generated you can check/change it in user settings

Check Override sound banks if you want to change it

to play your sound effect simply in code type

AkSoundEngine.PostEvent("The_Event_For_The_sound", whateverGamobjectShouldPlayIt);

the event in my example was Play_Bonk.

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